PhD students

If you are interested in PhD study in mathematics education or mathematical cognition, please see the MEC’s postgraduate study page.  You might like to look at the list of completed PhDs or the information on PhD study for teachers, too.

Current PhD students

Beth Woollacott is using eye-movement analyses to study students’ reading of mathematics textbooks with me and Matthew Inglis.

Mohammad Turk is studying epistemology and professional identity development with me and Paola Iannone.

Ben Davies is studying methods for assessing proof comprehension with me and Ian Jones.

Completed PhD students

Mark Hodds studied with me and Matthew Inglis.  He completed his PhD in 2014 with a thesis entitled Improving Proof Comprehension in Undergraduate Mathematics.  He is now Assistant Manager of the Mathematics Support Centre at Coventry University.

Sven Trenholm studied with me and Carol Robinson.  He completed his PhD in 2013 with a thesis entitled Assessment practices in fully asynchronous online mathematics instruction.  He is now a Lecturer in Mathematics Education at the University of South Australia in Adelaide.

Ant Edwards studied with me and completed his PhD in 2010 with a thesis entitled Using example generation to explore undergraduates’ conceptions of real sequences: A phenomenographic study.  He is now a Lecturer in Mathematics Education and Director of the Mathematics and Statistics Help Centre at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia.