For researchers

I conduct research in mathematics education, with a focus on psychological studies of mathematical thinking and learning in undergraduate students and mathematicians.

Matthew Inglis, Keith Weber and Pablo Mejía-Ramos and I have a long-running collaboration on students’ understandings of proof.  This has lately included work on heterogeneity in mathematicians’ judgements of proof validity, and experimental and eye-movement studies on mathematical reading processes and ways to improve proof comprehension.

Ben Davies, Ian Jones and I are currently investigating ways of assessing proof comprehension, using both standard instruments and comparative judgement.

Nina Attridge and I are currently conducting a study on the relationship between undergraduate students’ conditional reasoning skills and their use of reasons and counterexamples to refute mathematical statements.

Paul Hernandez-Martinez, David Sirl and I are using social network analysis to study undergraduate students’ out-of-lecture study habits and their possible relationships with academic performance.

Research awards

2012 Selden Prize for Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education, Mathematical Association of America.

2016 Most Helpful Mentor, Loughborough University School of Science.